Wednesday , October , 16 , 2019

Max All Clear

  MAX ALL CLEAR blinds offer the client plenty of light and visibility. This has become an extremely popular request
and can be used in patios or lapa's.

Window Covers

A "curtain" or window cover is an option for those clients who have a sun or privacy problem. The cover
rolls down independently to the blind over the clear PVC section on either the outside or inside of the blind

Gearbox Mechanisms

A gearbox and crank system is an alternative method to a rope system. The cost of this system is
slightly higher, but offers a rope free system (further explanation is done on site).

Securing Systems

The base of the blind has to be secured to the floor or the wall with a "rope and cleat" or "chain and clip" system.
This helps to prevent the blinds from moving in the wind and prolongs the life of the blind.


Top Cover Flaps

  The top cover flap is produced to prolong the life of the blind and keep it clean when rolled up and not in use.
It is not compulsory but advisable, especially if your blinds are installed on the "outside" of your structure.

Gauze Netting

Gauze netting can be used instead of a clear window if necessary. The purposed of the gauze is to stop bugs
at night, but still allow a flow of air especially on warm summer nights - this option has been extremely popular
as a D.I.Y kit for Mozambique holiday homes!

Awnings over doorways

An awning can not only enhance your home, but serves as a barrier for either the sun or rain. The most common
type is a "wedge awning", but gearbox controlled fold arm extension are also available